Aircuity Upgrade Path Answers Windows XP Concerns

Aircuity says clients have asked for Windows 7 upgrades since Microsoft recently discontinued support of the Windows XP operating system. Aircuity is offering a software upgrade, but also explains that their IMS services function as an Aicuity anouncementembedded controller, not a personal computer, so most of the security concerns are unfounded:

  • Many of the applications on a personal computer that are susceptible to attack by a virus or hackers are simply not installed on the IMS.
  • Many of the ports that are vulnerable on a PC are closed on the IMS, which significantly reduces these risks
  • Most importantly, the IMS is not used as an email or a web client, which could provide a means for malicious files to infiltrate the computer

That all said, to be responsive to its clients Aircuity will ship all new equipment with Windows 7 and offers a path for “voluntary upgrades” of existing equipment. Click for the full Aircuity Sales Bulletin or contact your MEG representative to the best path for you and your clients.