CityCenterDC® – Parcel One and Two – Washington DC

Aggressive schedule, stringent sound requirement

Engineer: Dewberry, Owner: Hines, General Contractor: Clark

The owner and developer of this project have very high standards that include a stringent sound requirement for the HVAC equipment. Project had a requirement for 760 fan powered and single duct Terminal units. Design for the units included double metal wall construction and EC motors with dynamic speed control. The Nailor Industries “Stealth” fan powered terminal units were provided which not only met but exceeded the owner’s sound requirements. The project had an aggressive schedule. This required a quick turnaround on submittals and coordination of factory mounted controls to get the units into production. Further coordination of multiple releases, special unit tagging and palletizing was provided to minimize the handling of the product once it arrived onsite. The end result was the terminal units arrived on site per the project schedule in multiple shipments.