GMU Northwest Housing VIII-A

Mechanical Contractor: JCM Associates
General Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Mechanical Engineer: Encon Group
Owner: George Mason University

Metropolitan Equipment Group worked closely with the owner and consulting team to establish the project requirements. The Engineered Comfort fan coil was chosen due to their unique capabilities that matched the project’s thermal comfort and sound requirements. Using EPIC fan technology and control sequencing of the chilled and hot water valves, fan coil operation with constant discharge air temperature was performed. The turn key factory control package provided with the DDC controller, thermostat and valve package was used to achieve design conditions. Modulating the fan and control valves to provide a constant discharge air resulted in excellent humidity control at part and full load conditions, reduced fan energy cost and increased chiller efficiency.

Additionally, custom valve packages, thermostats and ducted return plenums had to be designed and build to meet the specific project requirements.