The labyrinth of ductwork and fan-coil units that comprise any major construction project require a means of suspension that is not only quick and easy, but one that also renders them safe, sturdy and secure. Gripple is that way.

Available in various sizes for specific weights, the Gripple Hanger Range exudes versatility and simplicity, and is devised for use on all types of ducting, from oval to spiral to rectangular. Each Gripple hanger includes a length of pre-cut cable with an array of ready-crimped End Fixings, custom designed for assorted substrates including concrete, metal decking and wood. Our ready-to-use kits eliminate all on-site preparation, removing superfluous nuts and bolts, as well as any needless cutting, sawing or filing.

A vast improvement on the now-antiquated ‘clamp and rod’ method, our approach of hanging HVAC services is up to six times quicker – the wire is simply wrapped around the underside of the ducting, making for an infinitely more efficient installation. Not only saving on time and labour costs, the flexibility of our system also allows suspension of ductwork from any angle, and yet maintains unyielding support once in place.

Notable for being both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, our hangers can save on the overall material and weight of an entire structure, as well as providing a design feature that not only does the job right, but looks the part too. Less dangerous than threaded rod and at the same time much simpler and easier to use, Gripple hangers are the perfect all-round solution for the entire gamut of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services.

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