United Enertech

United Enertech

United Enertech’s goal is to meet our customers’ needs for quality and speed and maintain flexibility to adapt custom specifications as requested. We offer numerous models of louvers, dampers (shutters), roof curbs, diffusers, and many other forms of air movement and air control products in all shapes and sizes.

Available products include everything from opposed blade dampers, zone dampers, gravity backdraft dampers, and remote control dampers, to storm proof louvers, rain driven louvers, wind driven louvers, and more. Architectural grilles, roof vents, and louvered vents are also available.

United Enertech also specializes in the production of storm proof louvers known as Dade County Hurricane Louvers which comply with the Miami-Dade County Building Code.

American owned and operated in the heart of the Tennessee Valley in Chattanooga, United Enertech is pleased to be your source for all of your louver, damper, and air control products.

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