Nailor 33SZ (DOAS)

Nailor offers a full range of commercial quality air distribution products. Experience has built a solid reputation for design and engineering excellence, performance, flexibility and creativity. Whether the project uses a factory ready product or requires customization, Nailor is capable and ready to provide a complete solution.

We are pleased to announce the addition of the model series 33SZ, Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal to our already efficient and flexible terminal unit lineup. The 33SZ is a fan powered terminal that includes a cooling induction coil to use in conjunction with a DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) and is useful in a variety of commercial applications, such as office spaces, classrooms, critical environments and laboratories.


The 33SZ Series is available in both low profile and standard unit heights. Standard EPIC ECM motors provide the quiet, wide turn down ratios and energy efficiency pioneered by Nailor. Similar in overall construction to the standard fan terminal units, features including electric heat, hot water reheat, 2, 4 and 6 row induction chilled water coils, multiple liner options and low profle design, permit the 33SZ series to provide zone sensible cooling while the dedicated primary inlet delivers ventilation and latent cooling.


Each 33SZ is constructed with heavy gauge galvanized steel and the seemingly small details, like integral drip pans and numerous coil configurations, provide for a reliable, long lasting and flexible product.

  • 20 ga. (1.0) galvanized casing.
  • Available IAQ liner offerings.
  • Ultra-energy efficient ECM with solid state EPIC volume controller.


FPCWT 33SZ Series terminals are constructed with a draw-thru induction chilled water coil.


The unit can be used in a variety of applications ranging from zone sensible cooling, supplemental heating, or even used together with a rooftop AHU to take advantage of economizer modes. Depending on application, the 33SZ provides a universal product in a footprint similar to well established fan powered terminals. Additionally, the ducted discharge can service a larger zone than say, a chilled beam product.


  • More versatile than a chilled beam or standard fan powered terminal.
  • Industry familiar installation and operation.
  • Effective overhead ventilation control.
  • Flexibility with reheat and various control schemes.

Quick Design Features:

An ideal cost effective solution for complying with ASHRAE standard 62.1 ventilation requirements.

  • Designed for use with a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS air handler)
  • Standard and Low-Profile designs with IAQ liner options.
  • Draw-Thru Induction Coil available in 2, 4 or 6 rows for maximum capacity.
  • Direct Drive Epic Fan Technology®.
  • Airflow capacities* of 200-2000 CFM *Capacities are dictated by cabinet size and available options.
  • Available electric or hot water supplementary heat versions.
  • Integral condensate drip pan as standard; drain pan optional.
  • MERV 8 induced air filters; Ductable Filter Rack optional.
  • Pressure independent primary supply damper with integrated airflow sensor.
  • Flexibility of diffuser selection allows for better turn-down, aesthetic, performance and cost options.
  • Versatility of load diversity for both 33SZ and rooftop units, save energy over typical constant volume systems, such as active chilled beam systems.

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