Nailor Energy Recovery

Nailor’s matching “ULTRA PLUS” energy recovery module has helped us to take energy savings even further while helping to meet the more stringent LEED®  and Municipal energy savings demands. This component provides constant tempered air which not only recovers energy efficiently but also improves indoor air quality (IAQ). It is remotely mounted and connected to the top outside air BTR connection/internal mixing port (interconnecting piping and installation by other). It has been designed to work in conjunction with the Engineered Comfort vertical stack fan coil product offering. The KANAIRE®  module was designed SPECIFICALLY for Multi-Unit residential High-Rise buildings in extreme climates and comes with these standard features: Factory set constant ventilation rate with multiple selection for balanced supply and exhaust, high speed intermittent pure exhaust for up to three bathrooms (100 – 200 CFM); super low noise levels, simple remote exhaust activation; balanced flow rates; auto-defrost and non-recirculating; leak proof washable sensible or enthalpic cores; anti-mold and fungus/bacteria protection; three filter options with a unique quick release hanging system; comes in a rugged compact size (19″ x 19″ x 8.5″ high) and it’s NOT affected by wind or stack effect.

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