Pandemic Response

pandemic responsePandemic Response – Phoenix Controls healthcare systems provide immediate room conversions that contain highly contagious disease and assure the integrity of surrounding spaces and their occupants. Activated by either the BMS or a local wall switch mounted external to the room; Theris Pandemic Mode overrides normal control to achieve negative room pressure, drive return valves to shutoff, increase exhaust, and command supply to a predetermined setting including shutoff. Environmental settings for heating, cooling, auxiliary control, humidity, and other parameters can also be configured and activated when the room converts. If an APM2 is wired into the room, a status banner can be displayed on-screen and an audible alarm sounded to alert healthcare staff and provide live data for pressure, ACH, temperature, and humidity.

Once the crisis is past, on command the room can be seamlessly moved to decontamination mode, then reverted to use without down time or lengthy transitions.