Recommission Labs

Recommission or Retro-Commission (RCx) – No news, doesn’t mean good news!

Many rschenvirtimes we simply respond to complaints and when there aren’t any, we assume the system is working properly.   Based on our extensive experience in engineering, servicing, commissioning and re-commissioning labs, we know that serious operational problems affecting airflow, safety and energy efficiency can be present even though occupants are not complaining.    Whether your laboratory is relatively new or decades old, a periodic review of your airflow control systems is essential to maintaining the energy savings and safety of the system.    Metropolitan Equipment Group will take the time to understand your needs and develop a plan with the entire team to recommission the system to realize the energy savings potential and bring safety back to the forefront.

As laboratory buildings grow more complex and more highly tailored, the controls necessary to protect the health and safety of the occupants also become increasingly complicated. This is particularly true in an academic setting where labs are highly customized.

Recommissioning (RCx) has become an increasingly common process for laboratory air flow systems.  While recognizing the increased complexity and interdependency of systems, at the end of the day, the relationship between the laboratory controls and the building automation system is what helps to maintain containment and user safety within these laboratories.

Even if your laboratory was commissioned when it was originally built (many were not), it has likely changed over time to meet changing needs. The addition or removal of fume hoods, snorkels, walls or partitions will change the airflow requirements of a laboratory. Additionally, if equipment is overridden or disabled by occupants (not uncommon) or by component failure, laboratory performance will be affected, even if things seem to be working properly.

Annual life_science_facifume hood re-certification isn’t enough.  Though fume hood re-certification is important, it doesn’t provide the complete inspection, testing and verification of your laboratory airflow control system and comprehensive documentation of results and recommendations that RCx does. It also doesn’t identify energy saving opportunities that, when implemented, typically save our clients 15-20% a year in energy costs.

Our team is geared to enhance safety and comfort while achieving energy savings.   Labs that are  properly recommissioned will offer comfortable, safe environments that increases productivity while eliminating smells and sounds that threaten occupant safety and productivity.