New 92FFD – Fan Filter Diffusers

New 92FFD – Fan Filter Diffusers

Nailor – New 92FFD – Fan Filter Diffusers are fan powered diffusers with integrated high efficiency filters for critical environment applications. The diffusers are designed to 92FFDsupply HEPA/ULPA filtered air to a critical environment and are intended for use in cleanroom applications such as microelectronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology as well as aerospace manufacturing/assembly and laser/optic industries.

Filters are secured within the plenum against a continuous knife edge. The knife edge contacts the gel channel of the filter to provide a leak proof seal. Filters are room-side removable via quarter turn fasteners. All 92FFD Series Plenums are robotically 95FFD-dwgwelded to ensure a consistent, rigid, clean and relatively leak free design to verify the specified efficiency and leakage to meet the most stringent of current leakage tests. Each unit is PAO Scan Tested to IEST-RP-CC034.3 Standard to ensure leakage is
consistent with an uncompromised filter. Premium design features and high quality construction include a removable face for
room-side filter replacement. This enables the integrity of the clean space to be maintained as the ceiling does not need to be penetrated.

Standard ECM technology provides an ultra-energy efficient design with the ability to precisely set a constant air volume. Additionally, as filter loading increases fan external static pressure, the ECM will compensate to maintain set airflow.

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