Room Manager Sales Release

Single Point Integration/Vantage System Management

Room Manager Sales Release

Facility staffs have increasingly diverse needs affecting their choice of a BMS to their preference for specific protocols to use. IT departments play a more prevalent role in the decision making process since they are mandated to ensure any solution deployed meets strict cyber security requirements. Flexible integration architecture is a necessity when integrating room controls to front-end systems.

To address the resulting complexity of these requirements, Phoenix Controls developed Vantage Room Manager. This software package meets customer’s varying needs while rounding out your Vantage system integration product portfolio. When deployed with Room Integrators or Room Controllers, Room Manager provides Vantage system-wide management features and a single IP network configuration that functionally replaces MacroServers.

Feature Highlights

  • Functionally replaces MacroServer to support single IP integration requirements to BMS.
  • Consolidates all Room Integrator (RMI) and Room Controller (RMC) databases into a single system database for integration to BMS.
  • When integration is implemented directly from RMIs and RMCs (distributed integration requiring multiple IP addresses provided by the site), Room Manager can be deployed to provide management functions for the devices.
  • Allows local station backups and restores for RMIs and RMCs.
  • Room Manager is software only and can be installed on any computer or virtual machine that your end user prefers, as long as it meets the minimum specifications listed on the data sheet.

For important information about availability, ordering, pricing, and licensing, read the full Sales Bulletin on the Partner website.