Case Study – Providence Regional Medical Center

Case Study – Providence Regional Medical Center

Providence Regional Medical Center’s 10-story, 730,000 square foot Cymbaluk Medical Tower opened in June 2011; completed at a total cost of $500 million. Although opened in 2011, the planning and design for the facility occurred much earlier. After the engineering plans were complete and the building materials necessary to start construction using a CV system purchased, the new facility director asked “Why are we running a Constant Volume system if VAV is allowed?”


The Situation
Reasonable payback time and long-term savings had to justify changing the HVAC system in a construction project already underway. Cdi, the project’s mechanical engineers, showed that switching to a Phoenix Controls VAV design offered a tremendous opportunity for cost savings while providing the accuracy and repeatability required to maintain a safe and healthy environment. VAV energy efficiency also qualified for utility incentives that offset costs and reduced the payback period.

The Solution
Providence Everett facilities and CDi Engineers decided to use Phoenix Controls VAV tracking pair valves in each patient room. Phoenix Controls venturi valves’ accuracy and turndown capabilities enabled significant energy savings while providing the precision airflow control required in high consequence spaces. The tracking pair system also enabled easy transitioning to a pandemic ready facility if needed.

The Result

Analysis showed that switching to VAV would save an estimated 7,560,000 Kwh per year in energy. Additional utilities rebates available for energy conservation exceeded $1,400,000. Cumulative rewards for switching to VAV reduced the payback period for the entire project from 4.6 years to 3.16 years. The long-term benefits from creating a more adaptable facility with built in energy savings greatly exceeded original project goals. ​​​​​​​​​

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