Sensor Calibration

Sensor Calibration – Accurate Sensors Require Calibration:

Sensor Calibration

According to an article in the January 2016 ASHRAE Journal, Applying Demand Control Ventilation, “CO2 sensors are subject to calibration drift and accuracy issues over time. A field study on a campus building with CO2-based DCV found that differences between the commercial CO2 sensors used in buildings are significant. Periodic maintenance is essential to keep the readings of CO2 concentration accurate over time.”

At Aircuity, we couldn’t agree more and our bi-annual sensor exchange is a core element of our solution’s long-term accuracy. The Calibration Laboratory at our headquarters calibrates over 6,000 sensors annually. A team of 6 calibration technicians follow a regimented calibration process, which with a calibration verification phase when sensors are run for 1 to 5 days to eliminate programming or out of box failures. The newly calibrated sensors are shipped to Aircuity-certified technicians around the world who install them at local customers’ facilities.

Our sensor calibration process means fewer headaches for customers and a solution that building occupants and constituents can count on!

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