New – AUNI2 – Architectural Aluminum Plaque Ceiling Diffuser

New AUNI2 Architectural Aluminum Plaque Ceiling Diffuser with option for MRI Room Applications

AUNI2Nailor Model ‘AUNI2’ Square Plaque Ceiling Diffusers have been specially designed to provide both the unobtrusive appearance required for architectural excellence and engineering performance. The diffuser delivers a tight 360° radial horizontal pattern allowing high turn down ratios with no dumping. The AUNI2 diffusers provide stable diffusi

on and mixing patterns under

constant and changing load conditions and are particularly suitable for variable air volume systems.

Constructed of aluminum (with corrosion-resistant steel bracketry as standard), the diffusers feature a stamped, one-piece outer cone, which eliminates mitered corners and the die-formed curves provide consistent quality and performance. The inner core features a plaque style face with a hemmed edge for strength and a clean appearance, offering an aesthetically pleasing design that is virtually flush with the ceiling line. The face panel is held in place by four hook corner posts that are mechanically secured and positively engage into slots in the backpan. The panel can be

removed from the backpan for diffuser installation and to provide access to an optional inlet damper. The design eliminates welding and assures a clean, smooth, blemish free painted finish under all lighting conditions.

Optionally, 100% aluminum construction is available for MRI room compatibility.

The AUNI2 may also be used as a ducted or non-ducted return air diffuser which provides a harmoni

ous appearance that compliments the supply diffuser aesthetic.

AUNI2 diffusers are available to suit multiple applications such as Lay-in T-Bar as well as surface mount where hard duct connection is required and Drywall/Plaster frame recommended for flexible duct connection and ceiling access. A variety of neck sizes are available to suit your system design. The collar is a full 1 1/4″ (32) in height for easy, secure connection. Standard finish is AW Appliance White (optional finishes are available).

AUNI2 diffusers compliment any decor, blending beautifully with virtually any architectural style or requirement.

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