Aermec – Innovation & Efficiency

Aermec was founded in 1961 and is deemed the largest manufacturer of fan coils, chillers, and heat pumps in Europe. In 2008, Mits Airconditioning Inc. recognized the potential of the Aermec product line and became the Master Distributor for Aermec products in North America. Aermec in North America strives to provide the most efficient and innovative HVAC solutions to the North American market and offers a comprehensive product line including:

  • Air cooled and water cooled chillers and heat pumps
  • Air cooled heat pumps with inverter compressors (small)
  • Total or partial heat recovery and free cooling chillers
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling heat pumps
  • Fan coils and innovative zoning
  • Screw chillers
  • Modular chillers
  • Modular inverter chillers / free cooling
  • Heat pump hot water boosters
  • Chilled beams
  • Packaged heat pump and energy recovery unit 100% percent fresh air

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