Nailor Industries


Precise Air Control and effective Air Distribution…

Nailor Industries is the only Air Distribution Company that manufactures a unique and comprehensive line of products essential for a well designed HVAC system. Product offerings include grilles, registers, diffusers, VAV terminal units, fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire/smoke dampers, backdraft dampers, control dampers, industrial dampers, access doors, silencers, electric duct heaters, displacement diffusers, chilled beams, louvers and auxiliary products. Coupling the wide range of product offerings with years of design, testing and manufacturing, provide Nailor the ability to offer a single source Air Distribution solution.

Our lines include Engineered Comfort, Thermal Corporation and Klein Aire. Engineered Comfort Engineered Comfort offers a complete line of high performance fan coils available with EPIC Fan Technology and ultra-high efficiency ECM motors that together provide variable air volume control and unequaled comfort and efficiency. Thermal Corporation has manufactured quality air handling equipment since 1945. The reason for Thermal’s success and longevity is the dedication and willingness to serve customer needs. Since its inception, Thermal has offered a complete line of air handling products. In addition, we regularly meet the special requirements of engineers and contractors, standing ready to design or modify our products to meet a specific application or special need. Thermal Corporation has the reputation of being a problem-solver for those in the air handling and heat transfer fields. Klean Aire offers a variety of side access filter housings to meet filtration requirements found in HVAC applications. Whether the application includes HEPA filtration or gas phase absorption, Klean Aire housings provide unequaled value and performance. Click to visit this manufacturer’s site.