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    Nailor Superior Features and Efficiencies – Fan Powered VAV Terminal Units

    There are a lot of differences between Nailor and other fan powered VAV terminal unit manufacturers. When Nailor first started manufacturing fan powered terminal units, we made our place in the market by increasing features and benefits on our standard units. This also improved many of the operating characteristics of the units. The following recap will cover most if the issues.

    1. Nailor was the first and still the only manufacturer to be independently certified as well as ARI certified. And Nailor’s independent certification with Energistics Lab was for all units at all operating points that are covered in out catalog, not just at the ARI points.
    2. Nailor units are the quietest in the industry. Noise is always an issue. Noise is often confused with sound. Nailor’s STEALTH units have the lowest sound levels available in the industry, today. That does not mean that their application will lower a building’s ambient sound level. It does mean that larger zones can be selected without affecting the noise levels in the occupied spaces. Larger zones mean fewer units, less ductwork, fewer controllers, less wiring and less labor (read lower first cost). Real value engineering can be done when comparing to competitors’ products.
    3. Nailor’s units are the most field friendly in the market for the following reasons:
      1. Space frame construction provides 16 gauge rails at the corners of the units with 20 gauge panels to fill the spaces between the rails allowing
      2. Universal access with doors on both sides and the top and bottom.
      3. Universal orientation – the unit can be flipped over for right to left hand change – even with electric heaters
      4. Nailor’s unit is half the width of competitors’ units allowing easier fits into tight spaces and easer handling
    4. Nailor units have the most stable fan operation in the industry with a maximum of +/- 5% of setpoint regardless of the fan speed, damper position and inlet static pressure.
    5. Nailor units are the most efficient in the industry. The Nailor opposed blade damper with 45o closure has an extremely low pressure drop. In fact, Nailor series units can operate with inlet static pressures as low as 0.5”w.g. at the inlet. That is ½” or better than the competition, which translates into a horsepower savings at the air handler of as much as 33%.
    6. Nailor was the first manufacturer to promote fan powered units with ECM motors, taking the first commercially available units from GE in March, 1997. Since then we have more that 3 times as many units operating in the field with ECM motors as all of our competitors combined. See the attachments labeled Picture 1 and Picture 2.

    Most of Nailor’s advertisements have a line that says, “At Nailor, Tomorrow’s Ideas Are Today’s Realities.” We mean that. We make better products with higher efficiencies and more features and benefits that are more field friendly than our competitors because we planned it that way.

    Source: Nailor Product Bulletin, December 15, 2006