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    Sound vs. Noise – How MEG Creates Happier, more Productive Work Environments

    In Class “A” office space, successful design results in a higher employee productive rate and a happier more friendly environment. Proper layout and design using industry leading products will ensure sound requirements are achieved using the most cost efficient methods. Whether it is utilizing Nailor stealth boxes, selecting equipment in the correct ranges, dynamic speed control, sound traps, acoustical flex or a combination, we can assist engineers and owners in selecting the best options.

    Noise is always an issue. Noise is often confused with sound. Noise is sound or a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected or undesired. Sound is always present; noise is not. Good design minimizes noise while making good use of sound. Well blended sound is very useful for blocking cross talk within an office. If sound levels are too low, cross talk and typical background sounds become bothersome and move into the category of noise.

    Our goal in any project is to achieve balance between cost and effectiveness. Each project is evaluated
    independently using the specific goals of the occupants to ensure that each zone is designed to achieve the desired results. By working with our clients to understand the intended use of a space, we are able to determine the driving factor.

    Whether it is office environment, conference room, classroom, healthcare facility or a museum allow one of our engineers to assist you in choosing the right options to address your sound attenuation needs.